Horsemeat Scandal across European Food Industry

A complex supply chain has led to confusing scandal over the sale of horse-meat as beef in disguise. Spreading across many countries in Europe, officials are trying to decide where the deception began, and who is to blame. While pulling mislabeled products such as lasagna and spaghetti  from shelves, officials worry of the origin of the meat. In countries like France, horse-meat is a delicacy, but not when marketed as something else to consumers.

Credit to: USA Today, The Financial Times

Food for thought:

How aware are you of what is in your food? As college students there is a tendency to stick to a budget; is that sacrificing quality for quantity? The issue arising in the scandal is trust; between the consumer and the producer. The recent struggling economy pushed for cost-cutting alternatives, but what does that mean for your food? Take a look at the FDA, it’s interesting.

Credit to: The Telegraph

Credit to: The Telegraph


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